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Alan Okamoto built a successful career as a science fiction illustrator. He was an extremely gifted artist possessing an intense imagination that fueled his art and creativity. Alan's insight and inspiration came from a deep appreciation of the US civilian space program and such greats as Nikola Tesla, among other brilliant creators and artists.

Alan made his mark as an artist while living in San Francisco as a freelance artist and illustrator. Most of his work was done for big business and film & entertainment companies. Alan has also illustrated several children's books, including; TJ's Tale and Max Goes to the Moon (series). 

Alan left us far too soon. He is dearly loved and greatly missed by all of us who knew him.  Our desire is to honor Alan's memory by making available his many unpublished paintings and sketches to the world both as prints and NFTs.

Please visit our print shop at AlanOkamotoArt.etsy.com and our NFT offerings at The Ionian on the OpenSea (NFT) platform. If you appreciate Alan's work or have special requests, we would love to hear from you!

Alan's family & friends 

I always try to get things perfect

in art because you know how

difficult it is in life.

Woody Allen

One of Alan's favorite quotes

Alan's Self-Portrait 

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