About Alan

Alan was born in Lodi, California, in 1957. The middle child of a family of five children. His father was a farmer and a civil engineer. His mother was a homemaker. An artist since birth, it was in kindergarten that Alan demonstrated his skills by drawing rocket ships and astronauts. Alan always had a natural penchant for science, particularly for astronomy. He enjoyed looking at the stars, and on three separate instances, he spotted flying saucer-shaped UFOs in the Lodi skies. It captured his imagination and led him down the road to science fiction illustration. His first epiphany of art (and hero) was British landscape painter Thomas Cole, along with his uncle Richard who was the creative director for Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Hughes Air West. 

Alan lived and worked in San Francisco for over 30 years, freelancing and taking on projects for big corporate clients, all while teaching advanced illustration classes at the Academy of Arts. In his free time, he was the President of the San Francisco Society of Illustrators and President of the San Francisco Tesla Society. This organization promotes a greater public awareness of science. Alan said, "I have never taken on a job that did not involve art." Alan's work has appeared in films, magazines, websites, packaging, and several children's books, including TJ's Tale and Max Goes to the Moon (series). Some of his sketches & paintings are available as NFTs, prints, and canvas options.

Alan loved comedy and music. He laughed often and always had a smile, it seemed. Visiting his studio, you often hear YES playing in the background.‚Äč



From flying saucers to dogs in space, Alan Okamoto built a successful career as a science fiction illustrator. 

"I grew up at the time of the

 beginning of the space program,

and I have always been 

hardwired to that somehow."

Alan Okamoto


by Alan Okamoto

"Every piece of art

is a problem"

"I believe in dreams.

Dreams are real"

"My thoughts are the most 

precious things to me"

"I've always marveled in life

and exalted in struggle"

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